Lets Get Fierce & lets get Fearless

Maybe it’s the caffeine talking, (which honestly doesn’t have that much of an affect on me, or so I like to think) but my heart gets a-pumping when I think about tomorrow!

Now, who can tell me why am I just so darn excited about tomorrow, Friday, March 8th, 2013?

No, sorry Alex, it’s not because of my chemistry or English test.

What was that Mary? Did you say Fierce Female Friday is returning after a two week hiatus? Because if so, you are most certainly correct, my friend!

But there’s another reason, class. Let’s say it together on the count of three.




It’s International Women’s Day! Hip hip! Hooray! Bring out the streamers and the balloons, folks! It’s time to celebrate the fierce, the fearless, the female!

So I ask you, my fellow empowerment junkies, (is it sticking? has it stuck?) how will you celebrate International Women’s Day?


Let’s Get Fierce & Let’s Get Fearless

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