Back In Action

The greatest tragedies in my life are as followed (and are listed in no particular order):

1) I finally watched the last episode of One Tree Hill and was forced into a state of minor depression and major withdrawal for approximately 48 hours.

2) I have yet to experience the wonder of all seven continents (particularly Africa).

3) I have yet to meet and have an intensely passionate conversation at a local coffee shop with Pencils of Promise founder Adam Braun (it’s happening soon, folks; ya gotta trust me on this one) or the ridiculously handsome and talented Chris Martin (okay, I’ll admit this one is a long shot).

4) I have not blogged in NINE DAYS!!

The latter, I’m hoping as my followers, you have noticed. (If you were around me at any point from around 1 p.m. Wednesday to around 2:45 p.m. Friday, you may have identified my post-OTH traumatic stress disorder, as well).

Please, don’t crucify me too much for my AWOL status, however. Since Friday, March 8th (International Women’s Day, actually) and up until Friday, March 15th, I was suffering/recovering from the flu. It was a bummer to say the least. Not really because of the toll it took on my health (or my test grades this past week. . . sorry to those teachers that had to grade them) but mainly the toll it took on my emotional and mental health. Being stuck in a bed, watching Felicity on Netflix, and sleeping my days away wasn’t exactly the most motivational way to spend the week. I found I suddenly had all this time on my hands, but no real inspiration to spend it in any productive means. What so ever.

Hence, I haven’t blogged in NINE DAYS!

But have no fear! After a conversation with a neighbor at a block party about Sseko and my passion for non-profit work, I am back in action, folks!

I simply asked myself, “what makes me come alive?” My answer? Activism. Empowerment. Education. This blog. So here I am, doing it.

So unless you’re down with a bad case of the blahs caused from a more serious medical condition, the flu, you have no excuse! (And even then you don’t really have much of an excuse. . .I’m still kicking myself for my hiatus)!

What makes you come alive? Do it, or I promise you’ll regret it.


Back In Action

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