Stop Proposition 8 Like We Stopped Proposition 6

As I climbed into my dad’s Subaru after school today, he pointed at the radio, telling me NPR was playing with clips from the Supreme Court case on Proposition 8.

Nearly a year ago now, I was watching Milk, the captivating movie about the openly gay California politician, Harvey Milk, and his efforts with the newly evolving movement on gay rights. Proposition 6 was his main cause. Prop 6, like Prop 8, was aimed at limiting the equality and acceptance given to gays in California. More specifically, “the Briggs Initiative” aimed at preventing gay people and supporters from working as teachers at public schools.


If you read my blog post last night, then you know where I stand on gay rights. If you didn’t, a. please do so after you finish this post, and b. gay rights are human rights, and we all deserve human rights. The fact that over thirty years after Proposition 6 (and the assassination of Harvey Milk) we are still arguing over gay rights is a travesty. I can’t help but to think back to Wordsworth’s “The world is too much with us,” and his raw frustration with humanity. Looking at a nation which claims to be the “land of the free,” yet is hypocritical enough to dictate who we can and cannot marry, does indeed conjure up the declaration that “we are out of tune.” However, I cannot allow myself to become despondent. No, “hope is the thing with feathers,” so I believe that in another thirty years, humanity will be harmonious, at least on the front of marriage equality.

Tomorrow is Wednesday Word Day, and I yearn for the opportunity to announce to y’all that Proposition 8 was defeated, that humanity is continuing on the road to equality, that those closeted doors are becoming fewer and far between. But if for some reason this is not the case, I will be urging you to fight harder, scream louder, empower further. There is no such thing as a lost cause. In the name of Harvey Milk and all the thousands beautiful souls who have died via the contagion of hate, I will not stop until we are all equal.


Stop Proposition 8 Like We Stopped Proposition 6

2 thoughts on “Stop Proposition 8 Like We Stopped Proposition 6

  1. I’m with you. Although, I think the biggest travesty — for too many reasons — is the state of women’s rights. Why do we not have hate crime legislation? Ouf! It’s a long road…

    • It is definitely one of the biggest social issues that needs to be addressed. The feminist movement has been surging for nearly a hundred years, and unfortunately we are still facing discrimination. It may be a long road, but I’m thankful that we have fellow supporters to walk it with.

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