Wednesday Word Day

Wednesday Word Day


Simple But Significant (XXVII)

An excellent reminder from an excellent blogger.

The Better Man Project ™

There comes a point where you have to stop battle planning and just start trying.

No more timid starts.

No more excuses.

No more maybes.

No more I’d like to one day.

Just start.

Go after your dreams.

Start before you have everything figured out.

Before you are ready.

The rewards will come.

– Evan Sanders

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Wednesday Word Day

Wednesday Word Day

I am one of the world’s leading proponents for the extension of the current 24-hour day to a 36-hour day.

I wish sleep wasn’t necessary (and wasn’t so dreamy. . .pun intended).

I want to be able to stay up all night, every night, functioning only on Caramel Brûlées and passion.

Alas, the universe has yet to reply to my frequent e-mail proposals regarding the 36-hour day, nor have scientists come out with a study which negates not only the necessity but the love of sleep, and it is not yet holiday season, so Starbucks is hiding their Caramel Brûlée delicacy from me.

What does all this mean (other than that I’m driving the Struggle Bus)? Quite simply, I probably do not have the time to be a volunteer, yet alone run my own organization. But I do have the heart and that’s what counts.

I don’t think any of us really have the time to volunteer, but I do think we all have the heart. Inside each and every one of us is a heart which beats for humanity. For some, the heartbeat is louder and harder to ignore. Others, unfortunately, tune out and often lose themselves without any clue of how to find themselves again.

This post is short because, to be repetitive, I do not have the time, but I do have the heart. I’m committed to this blog, to my followers, to my organization, and to my world. So even if I never taste another Caramel Brûlée (Heaven forbid) or if my e-mail proposals go unanswered for the rest of time, I shall follow through with my commitments, and I will always, always, always volunteer.