One Week (Okay, Make That Six Days)






Let the freak out begin!

It’s less than a week until You Me We Empower’s launch party, or as I have dubbed it “The Event,” and I’ve learned a few things about myself in the past 24 hours.

1) When in a high-stress situation (or life), I should not consume massive amounts of Starbucks Vanilla Lattes without having consumed any food. It leads to the inability to do. . .anything. At all. Except for maybe type random letters on my keyboard.

2) The cure to a stress sickness? Bus tables on a Friday night in the middle of summer time in a tourist town. You’ll forget all about your worries because your mind will be too busy trying not to run into swinging doors while carrying trays full of expensive glassware to even care that you have a to-do list as long as the Nile in your Moleskine.

But amidst all of this stress and lattes, I have actually taken the advice of my friends and family and reminded myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Now, I could take up an absurd amount of both your time and mine by reiterating my love for non-profits, Pencils of Promise, education, etc etc etc. But I think we both know how precious time is these days, so I’m just going to let y’all watch this video. I’ve mentioned it before (maybe even posted it; my memory isn’t the best when under stress) but in all honesty this speech sums it all up. It was in this video that I found my passion, my dream, my revolution. Perhaps you can say the same.

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