A Collective


So I may have a slight obsession with college convocation/graduation speeches. It’s most likely the result of the wondrous fertility of higher education and all that it entails, my complete and utter fascination with the passionate future, and my awe and applause for inspiring speakers and story tellers.

Take Brit Marling. She’s a graduate of Georgetown University (a totally groovy school–pardon my 70s jargon), an insanely talented actress, and an unbelievably captivating story teller. One YouTube commenter wrote, “I could listen to her try and find meaning in a phone book.” I gotta say, I don’t usually agree with YouTube comments, but this one hits the nail on the head. As she passionately explains the importance and promise of “a collective,” my mind races with day dreams of my imminent college career. Whether it be at Georgetown, UNC, Brown, or where-have-you, college is the birthplace of a collective. Rejoice in that fact. Rejoice in all that is to come.

I know I am.


It’s Difficult.

It’s difficult. Life. Growing up. Trying to figure out the type of woman people want you to be. Trying to figure out the type of woman you want to be. Being it. It’s difficult. But when it gets too difficult, remember there’s always poetry, and in particular, Sarah Kay’s poetry.

Sarah Kay is an extraordinary spoken word poet who I have fallen head-over-poetry-heels for. You can find out all about Sarah from her website, but more importantly, through her poetry.

After a night of extensive YouTube-ing all of Sarah’s poetry, I found this video of her performing “The Type.” I immediately shared the video on Facebook with the caption, “Here is a poem every woman should hear–and I mean truly hear. Don’t just listen with your ears. Listen with your heart and with your mind.

Life’s difficult, so just listen.