Tips From Liz


Sseko Designs founder and CEO Liz Forkin Bohannon recently shared her second Huffington Post article,  “Human Trafficking: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Big Hairy Scary Issue,” on Facebook. Liz proposes that we “be a little naive.” In a world which is obsessed with information and knowledge and has tossed the classic idea of innocence out the window, telling people to be naive seems akin to telling a tree to breathe in oxygen. And I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic of naïveté myself. But once again, Liz has opened me up to a new mode of thought.

After reading her article, I realized that perhaps the reason my blog posts have been so scarce lately is because I have been looking at human rights–and really writing as a whole–as a “big hairy scary issue.” Not too surprisingly, I have been over-thinking my posts, planning them days ahead of time and then watching both time and motivation slip away like clumsy burglars. There have been hours upon hours in which I could have researched any one of my dozens of story ideas. I could have made a detailed outline (not that I really do those–but I could have if I wanted to). Perhaps I could have three stories submitted to a number of different media outlets by now.

But what did I do instead? I watched my clumsy burglar trip, stumble and fall down the stairs of great ideas and publishing opportunities. At least he was kind enough to leave behind a phrase here and there. He even spared me a couple of inspirations in my safe. In truth, I am the one to blame. I left the door wide open; I might as well have hung a big “Time and Motivation Thief Wanted” sign up along all the major highways.

All blame aside, Liz has again encouraged me to get back on the wagon of human rights and writing. She’s reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to be a little naive in order to face the “big hairy scary” monster in front of us.