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Hello, all!

It’s official: one week until I depart! I have to admit, the butterflies are starting and trepidation kicking in. I’m realizing just how much I will miss my family, but I suppose this is just how life goes. 

Regardless of the twinges of sadness and fear, I am thrilled. The reality of my adventure increases with every check off my to-do list. I even started packing today! 

If you’re interested in keeping up with my adventures, you can go to: I decided it would be best to make a specific TBB blog so the core values and focus of YMWE doesn’t go askew. I promise to update my new blog as much as possible, but I’m afraid internet access in Ecuador and Thailand will be minimal. If you’re interested in subscribing to my blog so you get automatic updates, please let me know! 

With seven months of adventure ahead, here’s to living without regrets and being bold and honest,

Mattie Leila